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Hi, I am Sara Patricia Kelly. I write poetry for people of all ages to enjoy – especially young kids! There is so much magic in the everyday adventures of childhood, which inspires me to write. 

Flossie Bossy, or Bossy for short, is my alter ego. She appears in my book 4 a.m. Raspberry Party along with fictional characters Jammy, Jumperlina, and Cat, who are based on my family.

Enjoy children's poetry with Flossie Bossy

Bossy Flossy

Flossie Bossy has frizzy yellow hair (like lemon fairy floss) and likes to wear hot pink shorts. Her favourite nursery rhyme is A-Tisket, A-Tasket.

Enjoy children's poetry with Jammy


Jammy likes to swing higher and higher, and he owns an impressive collection of toy cars. His favourite foods are noodles and xiaolongbao (soup dumplings).

Enjoy children's poetry with Jumperlina


Jumperlina radiates happiness with her beautiful smile. Watch her jump and kick whenever excitement strikes! She enjoys morning walks along the beach.

Enjoy children's poetry with Cat


Cat has soft grey fur and yellow eyes that shine like the moon. She pretends to be cranky but really adores children and sleeps at the foot of Jammy’s bed.

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Flossie Bossy
(aka Sara)