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4 a.m. Raspberry Party: Childhood Poems

ISBN: 978-616-612-146-9

Blow raspberries at 4 a.m., make a mess with mushy peas, and fly around the ceiling! Join Flossie Bossy and her friends Jammy, Jumperlina, and Cat on their adventures in the land of twirling dragonflies and frangipani.

This delightful collection of 11 hand-painted watercolour poems celebrates the magic found in everyday childhood moments, from late-night antics to the joys of messy eating.

4 a.m. Raspberry Party is the perfect bedtime companion. Put on your peejays, snuggle up, and enjoy this book with your little dreamers.

Recommended for children ages 2 – 6.

What Are Bubbles?

ISBN: 978-616-612-854-3

Giggles and burps! Ice cream and jellyfish! 

This playful poem compares bubbles to all sorts of surprising things, sparking wonder and imagination in babies and young children. 

With vibrant hand-painted illustrations, What Are Bubbles? is a delightful introduction to poetry.

Recommended for children ages 0-4.