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Kid vs Cat

It’s complicated… or is it?

Only a poem can capture the complex relationship between a boy and his cat. Actually… it is not that complicated. Boy loves Cat, and well, let’s just say Cat is less than thrilled by the boy’s constant presence.

From the moment the crying baby entered the house, Cat knew life would never be the same. Noise levels skyrocketed and only worsened as the boy grew older. As if sharing a bed with two large humans wasn’t bad enough, now Cat had to dodge hugs and wet kisses from the smaller human as well. It truly is a classic case of kid vs cat.

This unique and slightly exasperating relationship between children and pets is enough to inspire many witty musings. In our household, we adore A Child’s Book of Poems, illustrated by Gyo Fujikawa, which features several poems about feline adventures. Who knew there could be so much poetic material in the antics of cats?

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