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Little Little

Little Ditty

Babies are undeniably precious, with tiny fingers and soft feet. As they grow and enter the toddler stage, their cuteness only becomes more pronounced.

I believe the real fun (and chaos!) with kids begins around two years old. Those once tiny hands turn into delightful claws, grabbing at everything in sight. And those little feet adorned in super cute socks and shoes can now run, jump, and wiggle their adorable little toes. However, we all know about the infamous ‘terrible twos’.

Witnessing my own Little Little as he explores his world is an awe-inspiring experience. His cuteness is truly mind-boggling, but at the same time, he has an uncanny ability to generate immense noise. To capture these precious moments, I recited my poem Little Little to the nostalgic melody of Sweet Dreams by Tchaikovsky. I know these memories with my toddler, tantrums included, will be cherished forever.

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