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My Sister is an Owl

Sibling Rivalry

No matter how much you try to prepare your first child for the arrival of a new baby, you cannot avoid some sibling rivalry. When a child realises they are no longer the ‘only one’, big feelings start to brew. It is astonishing how jealousy can stir the most vivid imaginings, such as becoming convinced the crying little bub is a howling owl!

Now that I think about it, there are many similarities between babies and owls; both have acute hearing and super round heads, and both blink and stare with wise eyes.

That brings me to point number two: children are incredibly perceptive. They see things that we ‘grown-us’ miss. I have been writing in various forms for most of my life. Becoming a mother has helped my writing (and my metaphors) mature. I love listening to my children’s perspectives on life, even if it is sibling rivalry-spurred whining; their views shape my understanding of the world to be richer and more vivid.

Original Publication

My Sister is an Owl was originally published in the September-October 2023 issue of the AWA magazine, Writers’ Block.

The AWA (American Women’s Association) is a Singapore-based sisterhood of women from around the world who come together to enhance their Singapore experience through fun and fulfilling volunteer-run activities. Writers’ Block features writing in any genre by members of the AWA Writers’ Group.