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Poetry Picnic

Poetry Picnic is a scrumptious celebration of language.

Scrumptious Words

When I write poetry, I am drawn to certain sounds. Words that begin with ‘p’ or whisper with soft consonants like ‘b,’ ‘qu,’ and ‘d’ are captivating. Words finishing with a vibrant ‘e,’ ‘i,’ or ‘y’ are sheer delight!

Just like music, language plays with sound to evoke emotions. The pronunciation of a word, whether quick and clipped or long and drawn-out, along with its syllable count, creates rhythm. This very concept forms the heart of my playful poem, Poetry Picnic.

Words are can be tasty, salty, spicy, or sweet. What are your favourite words to eat?

Use this Poem

If you would like to use this poem for an event, teaching purposes, or publication, contact me via my Facebook page.